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Second-hand trade protects our environment especially by preventing new good from being produced. This way, we reduce the water consumption, green house gas emission, use of chemichals and other treatments that are associated with new production affecting the environment negatively. This study covers the emissions of greenhouse gases from new production and waste management.

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This is the second time that we at Blocket calculate the climate benefits of second- hand trade. As usual, the calculation raises many discussions and ideas on how we, at Sweden’s largest marketplace, can contribute so that more and more people discover the advantages of second-hand – both for the wallet and for the environment. And during this past year, we’ve progressed a bit further.

As new Managing Director, I am glad to run a business that enables sustainable consumption. I see Blocket as a cogwheel in the transition we as consumers need to do in order to stop the over- use of our planet’s resources. The four million unique visitors that visit Blocket every week can make a huge difference to the environment, every time a second-hand product changes hands. As you’re reading this report, we’re planning more activities that drive secondhand trade forward. Keep an eye on Blocket – we have a lot of exciting things coming up!

29 percent of the Swedish population stated that they buy and sell second-hand to protect the environment.


Every week, approximately four million unique visitors visit Blocket to post and search among over half a million ads. 25 percent of the stuff is sold within a day and 60 percent within a week. Millions of items find a new home every year with the help of blocket.

The calculations forming the basis for this report are based on Blocket sales statistics from 2013. They show that the Swedish people are potentially saving 1.6 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by trading second-hand instead of buying and throwing away.

Thousands and thousands of users visits Blocket every day.


Obviously, many people who sell and buy stuff on Blocket are out to make a good deal. Many also consider it to be a practical way to get rid of furniture and other things that take up space. But consideration for the environment as a driving force behind second-hand trade is an increasing trend. In a nationwide survey carried out by Blocket in collaboration with Ipsos in 2009, 29 percent of the Swedish population stated that they buy and sell second-hand to protect the environment.

In November 2013, 42 percent stated the same reason. Today, two out of three Swedes sell second-hand because they want things to be reused. These are two clear signs of renouncement of overconsumption.

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