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Secondhand trade is saving the environment mainly by preventing new products from being produced. This means saving pesticides, water, carbon dioxide, the use of chemicals and other things connected to the production chain, that affect the environment in a negative way. This report covers carbon dioxide emissions from production and waste management.

Result Blocket, Sweden Result Blocket, Sweden

The result: 0,8 million tons saved greenhouse gases

The calculations behind this report, built on sales statistics on Blocket in 2016, tell us that Swedes are potentially saving a total of 0.8 million tons greenhouse gases by shopping secondhand on Blocket instead of buying and throwing away. The climate benefit is huge and can be compared to all traffic standing still in Stockholm for one year.

The study proves that the average Swede is able to decrease his or hers consumption emissions by shopping reused things instead of new products.

The secondhand trade from private consumers on Blocket in 2016 was equivalent to 81 kg CO2e per individual, based on the assumptions in the study. 81 kilos CO2e is, in turn, equivalent to one flight between Malmö and Stockholm or the annual carbon dioxide uptake from four full grown trees. It can also be compared to emissions from an average Swede’s private consumption, that adds up to about 8 tons of greenhouse gases each year.

The amount of CO2e emissions from a product is often related to the size and technical complexity of the product. Briefly, this is due to the fact that large quantities of physical materials demand huge amount of energy for extraction and production. Complex products with many components also generate many manufacturing processes that consume much energy. The ad categories saving most CO2e emissions is demonstrating this. Buying large, complex products such as cars, caravans, and furniture saves most CO2e emissions.

Children's items 15,881
Caravans & motor homes121,531
Clothes and shoes 2,041
Phones and gadgets2,334
White goods4,601
Other electonicsr19,738
Other vehicles150,234
Business travel- 40.6
Power usage- 32.7
Transports connected to sales- 21,191
Total save849,178