School books for Susanas kids

To Susana secondhand shopping means a more sustainable economy. Therefore, it made her very happy to be able to buy schoolbooks for her kids through Vibbo. And aside from shopping at the site she also gets to meet new interesting people.

Susana really likes the idea of shopping secondhand. To her it means contributing to a more sustainable economy and it made her happy to purchase her kids’ schoolbooks through Vibbo.

I was surprised to see students and parents selling their books and posting so many details. It was a fun experience and I got to meet very interesting people.

To contribute to recycling new books that otherwise would not have been used again, makes her proud. And she believes that living by: ”I’m lazy, I prefer to just buy it new” just doesn’t work any more.

Susana also has some good advice for shopping secondhand: don’t rush, spend time looking for what you want and meet with people.
“Second hand shopping is fun and you’re contributing to a social cause.”


Susana is one out of 10 million monthly unique users at Vibbo, Schibsted’s marketplace in Spain. They are all contributing to the Second Hand Effect, regardless of their purpose for shopping secondhand.

The annual CO2 number for ads about books at Vibbo adds up to 930 tons. That is the equivalent the annual emissions from 103 Spaniards.