Going downhill, against the odds

Oussama is a 21-year old living in the quiet city of Larache, in Morocco. He’s always been a big fan of cycling. “I remember my first bike, I was nine when I bought a scrap bicycle that for only one dollar, I fixed it and completely renewed it, before reselling it some time after for 35 dollars.”

Oussama father disappeared a few months after Oussama’s birth. Since then, he’s been living with his mother with very limited income: 160 dollars every month.

”When I discovered Avito in 2011, I started using it to earn a living for my mother and me. I buy old stuff: A bike, a smartphone or a laptop that I fix before reselling for a higher price.

Six years ago Oussama discovered downhill mountain biking and was ready to sacrifice anything to start practicing it.

“I used to go on foreign e-commerce websites to check the bikes and each time I was shocked by the prices, 4000 dollars in average. It was just impossible for me and it really hurts to not be able to do something you love.”

Oussama spent the last three years checking Avito almost every day, hoping to find a bike he could afford. Then his day came – someone was selling a professional bike for only 500 dollars while a new model price is almost 3,500 dollars.

“I didn’t hesitate a second, I sold my bike on Avito, added the income to the money to my savings from selling other stuff on Avito, and traveled to Casablanca (250 kilometers from Larache) to meet the seller.”

Where Oussama comes from, people don’t always have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. The money they make only allows the bare minimum.

“Avito helped me a lot in my life, I’m actually preparing bachelor degree in law, living my biking passion.”

Now he has also gained respect from people around him, for what he has accomplished. And he’s the only one doing downhill in his city.

“Some people even take pictures with me when I’m on my bike. It gave me a lot of self-confidence, it’s really amazing!”