Someone else's treasure

Olivér made a girl happy when selling his helmet on Jófogás. Sometimes things you don’t value anymore yourself, matter a lot to someone else.

Olivér had grown out his bicycle helmet. And the pattern didn’t appeal to him as much now. It was ladybug patterned. So he put an ad out on Jógfogás to see if someone else would want it. And someone certainly did. A little girl loved the ladybug pattern.

“The little girl put it on immediately and she wore it even after an hour. I hope she still loves it!”


Every month 5 million users buy and sell used stuff at Jófogás. They all contribute to The Second Hand Effect. For instance there were 185,653 bicycle ads 2016. This is equal to a Second Hand Effect of 4.416 tons of CO2e. That equals the annual emissions from 605 Hungarians.