Kjersti found a wedding dress

She found the wedding dress of her dreams on Finn and is constantly looking for rare treasures. Kjersti Karoline Danielsen likes to make good deals and dislikes the idea of throwing away things just to buy new stuff.

“Finn is a place where I find nice secondhand things that we need, like things for the children, so that we don’t have to buy new things. I don’t know of any other place like Finn.” At the same time, she also likes new things.

“I like to mix new furniture with some old, and the old ones – often antique treasures – I buy on Finn.”

The fact that secondhand trade also is a good thing for the environment is not the main reason for shopping on Finn. Although she appreciates that the things she buys there get a longer life.

“Environmental issues are not my first reason to shop on Finn. At the same time my conscious is telling me that buying and throwing away, that’s a mentality that’s not good. People of today have so many things they don’t use. We have a lot of stuff that we don’t really need.”

Kjersti Karoline has made many good buys at Finn, not at least when it comes to things her children need. She finds it hard to pick out one single favorite.

“It’s hard to choose. They’re so many. We made a really good bargain when we were able to buy both car seat and pram, babylift and a sports supplement, almost a complete equipment for only 1,000 NOK. But I am also very happy about our coffee table, an old round table with glass top, just like the one my grandmother had.”

One thing does stand out though.

“I found my wedding dress on Finn! The dress of my dreams. From the start, it was really expensive, but a bridal shop had it on sale at Finn at a very good price.”

To first time shoppers on Finn, she has some clear advice.

“Be sure of what you want, and look specifically for that! Otherwise, you’ll easily end up with things you don’t need.”