Furniture for the new home

Flavia and her boyfriend furnished their new home with great stuff from Subito. She also often sells things to get a change.

Flavia is 29 years old and she’s an office worker who likes movies, traveling and going to the theater. “I can’t spend too much, but I still want to buy small things,” she says.

Variety is a key word to Flavia, that’s why she also sells a lot of things. That way she can change the look of herself and her home over and over again. “It’s fun and it makes me happy.”

Moving in with her boyfriend was perhaps the biggest change recently, and it made her visit Subito regularly. ”I use Subito a lot, especially since I’ve settled down with my boyfriend. We’ve furnished the whole house.”

She doesn’t look only for design objects or furniture – computers and shoes are other bargains. ”I believe Subito is great, and it’s green.”

Subito is a big part of Flavia’s life. But one thing is off limits. “I’ve thought about it, but I’m not selling my boyfriend!”