Daniel found the perfect bag

To Daniel, Blocket means great shopping opportunities as well as being able to consume without exploiting the environment. Secondhand shopping also helps him to create his own unique style.

“There’s many reasons why I shop and sell secondhand. I believe it’s important to be unique and to express your personality. I don’t want to leave my apartment to meet people who are wearing the same clothes as I,” Daniel says.

Daniel is a regular shopper at Blocket. He sees only advantages by buying and selling secondhand and doesn’t understand why more people don’t do it. He also believes that we’re producing too many things that we don’t really need and he’s tired of the throw-away mentality.

“Buying and selling secondhand is really fun and also a way for me to engage in environmental issues. It’s all positive. And you’re saving money – both the buyer and the seller. I don’t understand why more people don’t do it.”

On Blocket, weekend bags are one of his targets. And in his collection at home, there is a favorite.

”My best buy on Blocket is probably one of the weekend bags I’ve bought, one that is very special. I get a lot of compliments and people wonder where I’ve bought it.”

Buying that bag and other reused things makes Daniel one of Blocket’s environmental heroes.
”To me, Blocket is opportunity. It might sound a bit silly, but it’s really true. It’s consumption without exploiting the environment.”