Meet some of our users

Schibsted’s services focus on making our users’ everyday life easier. We are offering cutting edge news services, smart digital financial services, and various marketplaces satisfying most needs for our users’ lives. Meet eight of our marketplace users – by shopping secondhand they all contribute to the Second Hand Effect.

Our marketplaces offer a wide range of possibilities. Families can find everything from strollers to children’s clothes to a bike replacing the outgrown ones. Anyone in need of a car can browse around to find the vehicle fitting their needs. Furnishing the first home can be expensive – our marketplaces offers a great variety of choices. Or you might even be in search of a new home. And last but not least, an aficionado with a rare hobby can dive into a world of useful, funny, fashionable, great designed and sometimes even quite crazy stuff.

At the same time as filling an important role in many people’s lives with great possibilities to buy and sell secondhand goods, everyone participating in the secondhand trade are all contributing to a reduced environmental footprint.

Meet some of these users from the eight marketplaces that are part of The Second Hand Effect in France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Morocco, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

Aurore, France
Daniel, Sweden
Kjersti, Norway
Flavia, Italy
Oussama, Morocco
Olivér, France