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The Second Hand Effect is a calculation of the positive environmental effect from secondhand trade on ten of Schibsted’s and Adevinta´s marketplaces in Europe and Latin America. The calculation method is developed together with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. The Second Hand Effect is part of Schibsted’s sustainability strategy.

Head of Sustainability Schibsted

Britt Nilsen (britt.nilsen@schibsted.com)

Director of Communications Adevinta

Cassandra Lord (press@adevinta.com)

Project manager the Second Hand Effect

Britt Nilsen (britt.nilsen@schibsted.com)

Project manager schibsted.com/secondhandeffect

Gry Støtvig Jonstang (gry.jonstang@schibsted.com)

Global project group

France: Marie Durieux (marie.durieux@schibsted.com)
Spain: Marta Machado Troyano (marta.machado@scmspain.com)
Italy: Silvia Campanella (silvia.campanella@schibsted.com), Mariangela Iasiello (mariangela.iasiello@schibsted.com)
Norway: Kristine Eia Kirkholm (kristine.eia.kirkholm@schibsted.com)
Sweden: Linnéa Aguero (linnea.aguero@blocket.se)
Finland: Kenneth Djupsjö (kenneth@tori.fi)
Morocco: Zakaria Ghassouli (zac@avito.ma), Habiba Benjelloun Touimi (habiba@avito.ma)
Hungary: Lilla Varju (varju.lilla@schibsted.com)
Brazil: Ananda Menali (ananda.menali@olxbr.com), Julia Medeiros (julia.medeiros@olxbr.com)
Mexico: Paloma del Carmen Gonzalez Martinez (paloma.gonzalez@schibsted.com.mx)

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute:

Tomas Rydberg, Karin Sanne, Jonatan Wranne

Sustainability Consultation

Ethos International: Markus Adolfsson


Schibsted Communication & BerntzonBylund, Stockholm Sweden


Sandra Birgersdotter, Shutterstock, Pexels.