Aurore's dream came true

Aurore in Paris had an idea to launch a fashion truck where she would sell vintage and secondhand clothes. Through Leboncoin she found the perfect caravan that she turned into the mobile secondhand fashion shop “Cotton & Wild”.

Aurore, creator of fashion truck “Cotton & Wild”, wanted to create a pop-up store and turned to Leboncoin – Schibsted’s marketplace in France – to realize her vision.

“I’ve always loved fashion and I’ve always loved entrepreneurship,” she says and explains that Leboncoin is the first place she goes to when searching for interesting things at a good price.
Aurore wanted to create something different with her store, not the usual secondhand shop for fashion. The answer became a caravan.

Leboncoin enabled me to make my dreams come true.

Aurore found the caravan at Leboncoin and it was love at first sight. The caravan was a great deal, it was in a super good condition, even though the sellers had used it for vacations. Now Aurore has customized the caravan into a hip mobile fashion store.


Aurore is one out of more than 22 million monthly unique users at Leboncoin, Schibsted’s largest marketplace. They are all contributing to the Second Hand Effect, regardless of their purpose for shopping second hand.

Secondhand trade of caravans at Leboncoin annually saves approximately 880 000 tons CO2e which is equal to the carbon emissions from 107 000 Frenchmen in one year.