Joining forces for the environment

Every day millions of people buy and sell used items on Schibsted’s marketplaces around the world. Shopping secondhand is great for making bargains as well as contributing to reducing our environmental footprint. Every time someone participates in secondhand trade it is an engagement for our common future.

We call it the Second Hand Effect.

Thanks to a unique report with data from eight of Schibsted’s marketplaces we are able to convert the environmental benefit from our users’ trade into numbers. Altogether these sites engage more than 60 million users each month – and the result is astonishing and hard to grasp.

When summarizing the potential effect from secondhand trade during 2016 at Vibbo in Spain, Leboncoin in France, Subito in Italy, ófogás in Hungary, Blocket in Sweden, Finn in Norway, Tori in Finland and Avito in Morocco, it adds up to 16.3 million tons CO2e! This means that our users at these sites are potentially saving 16.3 million tons carbon dioxide during one year.


This huge amount of greenhouse gas is the equivalent of flying an Airbus 380 around the globe 1,400 times. Or to all traffic in Paris standing still for almost six years.

But the Second Hand Effect is much more than just numbers. For many people it’s a social movement and a way of life. It means meeting new people, embracing a passion and being part of a community, trading things from one hand to another. It is an individual choice to live a more sustainable life.

No matter what reason our users have to use our marketplaces – if it’s to take part in this movement, to save money, a passion for vintage clothing or furniture, or if they do it to act more sustainable – the impact is the same; reuse contributes to reducing the environmental footprint. This makes them all environmental heroes. A choice to trade secondhand is an action that actually makes a difference.
That’s what the Second Hand Effect is all about.

At this site, you can read all about the Second Hand Effect, dig into facts and figures about the different sites’ savings, learn about the method and meet some of our users. And not least – understand how you can live even more sustainable.

Our environment is a burning issue. In many countries, governments are now investigating how we can change our societies and way of living on a deeper level. In the long run, we have to. In Sweden, for instance, the government has initiated a report on circular economy, where reuse is one issue.

Schibsted is a media group with a solid belief in the power of journalism as a foundation for freedom and democracy. Today our business also includes digital marketplaces and services in 22 countries. The fact that our core businesses are part of a sustainable future makes us proud. If you want to learn more about Schibsted’s approach to corporate social responsibility you can visit our site How we care.

Most importantly though – when it comes to the Second Hand Effect – it’s all of you buying used stuff who are the true environmental heroes.

NAME: Britt Nilsen

TITLE: Group Compliance Officer